How We Get There

Major Goals: “Mission” focus (External)

These goals are the “Why” for “Why FOW exists”

Expand stewardship of Wilderness and backcountry lands

    • Education
      • For our volunteers
      • For the public
    • Preservation
      • Through maintenance
      • Through restoration

Increase breadth and depth of collaborations

    • U.S. Forest Service
    • Other local environmental-focused organizations
    • Health and human services, arts, and other local organizations
    • Schools, libraries, and local government
    • Other “Friends” organizations around the country, especially in Colorado

Major Goals: “Support function” focus (Internal)

Fulfilling these goals enables FOW to successfully fulfill “mission” focus goals

  • Enrich focus on volunteer safety
    • Safety is the top priority for all volunteers
    • Volunteers feel safe on the trail
    • Volunteers always work in safe manner
    • Volunteers feel empowered to speak up if they feel a situation is unsafe
    • Zero significant safety incidents occur
  • Support engaged, passionate, knowledgeable volunteers
    • Volunteers feel deep connection with FOW: Mission and teammates
    • Volunteers are celebrated for the vital work each does in support of FOW’s mission
    • Volunteers contribute via leadership and/or support roles; off-trail skills and expertise identified
    • FOW communicates regularly about operations to keep volunteers informed
    • Social events and other activities foster sense of FOW community
  • Enhance training, development, mentoring, and certification program for all volunteers
    • Volunteers complete a core set of training, regardless of duties
    • Training content enables each volunteer to complete duties safely and proficiently
    • Process for completing training and becoming certified is clear and transparent
    • Refresher training is available for all volunteers
    • Trail maintenance and trail patrol mentors facilitate onboarding and training for new volunteers
  • Foster effective communication with all volunteers leveraging technology solutions
    • Online technology solutions facilitate organization of trail maintenance and trail patrol activities
    • Dashboard showcases all trails with “work done”
    • Database captures essential information for each volunteer
    • Dashboard tracks key performance indicators (KPIs) for the organization
    • Communication devices for use on-trail are readily available and user-friendly
    • Workflows are optimized and communicated to streamline the work toward FOW’s mission
  • Cultivate committed, representative leadership team, including the Board and other key positions
    • Board recruitment focuses on bringing a wide variety of skills, expertise, and perspective to the Board
    • Leadership development program enhances skills in all positions. Job descriptions kept current for all
    • Leadership succession plan annually reviewed and updated
    • Committees/other non-Board volunteers provide much-needed support for the organization
    • Paid contractors, consultants, and/or staff are hired on an as needed basis and upon approval by the Board
  • Maintain financially sustainable organization
    • Relationships with donors and sponsors are cultivated and nurtured
    • Grant funding is broadly sought for mission-related projects and activities
    • Fundraisers raise funds and further engage community